Blog Wrap-Up Spectacular with a few friends…and a plastic bear mask


Watch this video featuring Pat Depuy and Tim Kennedy. I’m counting it as my final post (for now) as well as a guest blog. It’s everything I could have wanted from a final video and it’s definitely going to make me famous.





Fred Fest Defeated Me…

What a wild one it was. Crushing funnels, doing keg stands, pounding brews…and passing out before 10 p.m. on both, Friday and Saturday night. I wasn’t mad either because for the few hours I was awake, I had a blast. From what I remember my Fred Fest experience started around 6 p.m. on Thursday (I skipped my last class…not ashamed) I meandered over to T.K.’s place on Main Street and the beer began flowing. Funneling Genny Creamers for days. I then went over to BJ’s (for a very brief time) to check out the first night of BJ’s Fest. From there I proceeded to my favorite drunk eatery, Pizza Wings and Things, ordered a chicken finger sub, ate half of it, and passed out wearing all of my clothes…including my shoes. Solid night.

Friday night rolled around and this is when shit got serious. I started my day by…going to my 11 a.m. class. After that, it was open season on all the beer I had in my house. My first funnel was down the hatch by 1 p.m. and I was feeling fine. Next, I sipped on a beer and constructed an amazing alcoholic smoothy. I know what you’re thinking, “Dude that’s not manly at all,” and to you I say, “Suck it.” It was delicious and it had me cruising on easy street. From there my night took a trip to blackout village. According to reports from roommates and friends, I was out by 9:30 p.m. and I’m not complaining.

Saturday night was the real deal. It was 10 a.m. and I was on my way to a kegs ‘n’ eggs. This is just as it sounds, people eating eggs and drinking beer from a keg. This is where I did my first ever keg stand. I lasted 22 seconds and from what I’m told, that is pretty damn good. After that it was back to funnel village and perhaps this was my downfall. After that I made my way to a party on Temple Street and for whatever reason, I was wearing a plastic bear mask and shouting, “gimme them butts,” to anyone who was willing to listen. People loved it. It will never be clear why I was shouting that but I know I’ll always remember it. After that the night turned into another blur. I know I made a trip downtown for some more drunk eats, but after that I can’t recall.

In short, Fred Fest kicked my ass. I never made it to the Lupe Fiasco concert on campus and then again I never intended to. Fred Fest is whatever you make of it. I decided to celebrate by getting obliterated. I spent time with good friends and nice beverages and I couldn’t be happier. That weekend will go down in history.




I will not apologize for this weekend (Post 5 of 5 of my Fred Fest related series)



Here are the last few pics I was able to find from the original Fred Fest. Enjoy them, love them, do what you will with them. I kicked Fred Fest 2012 off on a solid foot. Funneling beers for days.

The Unofficial Guide to Fred Fest : This is the link to the blog where I got all these glorious pictures from. Check it out, there’s a lot of Fred Fest goodies here including a list of all the band that have ever played Fred Fest (up until 2008, I guess the operator of this blog got lazy).




Take me to Fredonia Fest ’80 (Post 4 of 5 of my Fred Fest related series)



More pictures from the first Fred Fest. Proof of on-campus drinking and proof of solid mustaches. Tonight, I officially begin celebrating Fred Fest 2012.


*Once again, these pictures were taken from a blog called “The Unofficial Guide to Fred Fest”*







Where it all began… (Post 3 of 5 of my Fred Fest related series)



Fredonia Fest ’80: the solid foundation for what would evolve into Fred Fest (a mildly shitty evolution). Beer on campus and partying in the quad, this is a time I’d like to go back to. If you ask me (everyone asks me), there are too many rules to Fred Fest now. They had it right the first time, “let’s bring a beer truck to campus and see what happens.” Enjoy the photos…oh…I also got really drunk last night.


*I do not own these photos, I got them from a blog called “The Unofficial Guide to Fred Fest” I’ll post a link to it….but not now. I can still milk a couple posts out of it.*




Yes Virginia, even giant douchers celebrate Fred Fest. (Post 2 of 5 of my Fred Fest related series)

A video mash-up of all things douche that celebrate Fred Fest in Fredonia, NY. Here you’ll see douchers shotgunning beers, douchers destroying public property and even a giant doucher stripping at a bar. All of these glorious scenes are set to the Dropkick Murphy’s track, Shipping Out to Boston. This video contains everything I love and hate about Fred Fest (I love drinking and I hate douche bags). I suggest that everyone go buck wild on this glorious weekend but do it with out being a doucher. You will have just as much fun and you won’t regret it the next day. Check it out and learn something from this video.


Some links I promised (Post 1 of 5 of my Fred Fest related series)

Fredonia Underground

This is the link to T.K.’s  blog. Here you can find his previews for the bands that will be playing BJ’s Fest this year. You can also see a picture of him standing next to Henry Rollins. He looks like a turd (no seriously, like an actual piece of fecal matter).

BJ’s Fredonia

Here’s the link to the BJ’s website. It’s hideous (for real, like one of the most visually unappealing websites I’ve ever seen) but I guess it gets the job done. You can even see a full menu of the beer and drunk eats they offer.

BJ’s Fredonia Facebook Page

For a more visually pleasing experience (thank Cheebus they actually have some pictures on here), click above and add them as a friend. You won’t be disappointed and they won’t deny your request (unless you’re a dick).